Reflective School Support Bake Off Fun

Here at Reflective School Support we love to bake with our students ! You could get technical and say it was a successful way to engage our students because of theory such as ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’ but, for us, we just know it works! Students of all ages love to create new bakes and family favourites with their tutors and in the process we squeeze in lots of Maths, English, Science and Communication Skills.

This term we have been encouraging tutors and students to get involved in some ‘Bake Off’ challenges led weekly by our tutor Michelle, and the results have been amazing. We have been delighted that so many students, tutors and their families have got involved and you can see some of the imaginative and delicious results below !

We try hard to make our students feel part of a ‘virtual’ class and we think promoting social skills and self confidence are really important in a 1:1 tuition context. Well done to all those ‘Star Bakers’ that took part

Bread Week

Cake Week

Ginger Bread Week

Cookie Week