Information for Students

The Reflective team understand that finding yourself without a regular school place is a very difficult situation for any young person, This is the case whether you have been permanently excluded from school, have physical and/or mental health challenges that mean you are unable to attend school or are waiting for a new school place.

All Reflective teachers are very experienced and specialise in working with young people who don’t have a regular school place. They have joined the Reflective team because they are passionate about helping young people who find themselves in this difficult situation. They will not judge you based on anything that might have happened in your previous school/s because when a student starts working with a Reflective teacher this as a fresh start!

Working with a Reflective teacher 1-to-1 is also a great opportunity because lessons will be entirely focused on your own goals, interests and learning style. Reflective teachers also understand that getting back into school- work after a break is difficult so they won’t drop you in the deep end and expect you to do things you find difficult on day one!

Whether your goal is achieving good examination results, securing a college place or making a success of your new school place your Reflective teacher will be with you every step of the way!